• Line Maintenance Services
  • Technical Services
  • Aircraft Deep Cleaning & Disinfection
  • Training

Line Maintenance Services

Any necessary fixes will be carried out by our qualified staff in line with the relevant technical manuals and in consultation with the MCC of our clients in order to satisfy both the rules and regulations and your specific requests. In cases where a snag is reported by the flight crew, our qualified and trained engineers will be able to investigate and pinpoint the problem, responding quickly and providing feedback to our clients in order to minimize the duration of time the aircraft is on the ground. Restoration of a component while using outside testing equipment as well as replacement of a component that may include engines and propellers.

Aircraft Deep Cleaning & Disinfection

For the cleaning and disinfection of the Flight Deck, passenger cabin, cargo compartments, and restrooms on aircraft, ATS Technic provides its clients with specialized services.

The cleaning and disinfection products adhere to the SAE AMS 1452/1453 standards and meet the requirements of the major aircraft manufacturers, namely Boeing, Embraer, and Airbus. In order to provide effective and secure services, ATS Technic ensures that its personnel wears the appropriate personal protective equipment and adheres to protocols that are in line with the guidelines set forth by the health organization.


Ats technic can provide specialized training on HF, FTS, ETOPS, RVSM crtical tasks, continuation training, and saftety managment system. We are also prepared to help individuals who want to start a career as certified staff members complete the required "On-the-Job Training."

Our instructors may provide Safety and Quality System Courses as well as General Familiarization courses on certain aircraft types.

Technical Services

1. Aircraft Dismantling

Any airline in an AOG emergency can receive assistance from ATS Technic.
Any AOG scenario increases an airline's operating costs significantly in terms of prestige, dependability, and financial loss. For this reason, ATS Technic can help any airline in an AOG emergency at any of its authorized line stations as well as internationally, all throughout Italy. For this reason, we can do maintenance on any certified aircraft or component at any place, provided that the need for it results from either the component's or the aircraft's unserviceability or from the requirement to support frequent line maintenance (AOG).

2. Deliver / Redelivery

The ATS Technic team provides a comprehensive range of Aircraft Delivery and Redelivery management services. With our in-house team of licensed engineers and technical records auditors, we provide round-the-clock remote and onsite support for the entire life cycle of the aircraft.

3. Oversight Maintenance


We built global dedicated team focused on representing client’s pre-buy and completion inspections. We are passionate about driving value through unparalleled client focus.
  • All of our engineers/technical representatives are OEM trained, strategically positioned around the world, and available on short notice
  • We have industry leading Quality Management Systems and a proprietary inspection process, providing comprehensive and easy to understand daily reporting
  • We ensure each aircraft transaction is completed towards the success and satisfaction of our clients
Onboard flying spanner.
  • Accompany flights of VIP operator during the assigned period of time;
  • Perform DY/TR checks and simple defect rectification upon destination airport;
  • Other dedicated tasks upon requirement

Certificates/ Quality

We benchmark our quality against the highest international standards to ensure that our clients receive world-class quality services. ATS technic has been awarded certificates from